How I Became a Stripper

So you want to know how it all began? How good girl Anna made the decision to start stripping, kick off her journey of embracing her sexuality, and the creation of the Anna Nikki you see before you today? Allow me to immerse you, my loves.

The foundation for sexiness was laid when I was only 16. Some friends and I pitched in on buying a pole from Spencer’s Gifts and put it up in “the cool parents” basement. Just a group of teenagers believing they were the absolute shit, blasting music, and swinging themselves around the pole. When in actuality, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. There were no resources referenced, granted the internet was still newer then (around ’07-’08) – let’s just say the move from MySpace to Facebook had recently been made. I never would’ve thought that the friendships would leave, but pole would not only pop up again, but be a pillar in my life.

Fast forward to my sophomore year at college. One night before my late morning shift at Subway – that’s right folks I, Anna Nikki, was a sandwich artist and yes that’s really what they call employees, gag me. Anyway, I went to a gathering of young people – as an avid partier does in college and got sloshed. Mid-sloshing a friend found me to tell me the police were outside looking for me- WITH NO OTHER CONTEXT- If you’ve ever been drunk underage you can understand the fear my half-conscious mind was experiencing. I take my drunk ass outside and – let me emphasize- WAS RELIEVED to find out my parked car had been ran into by another underage drunk person. The cops obviously knew I was toasted, but I figured let me slide because I wasn’t driving and now my car needed fixing – that or white privilege, ya know. So, I went back to getting trashed, because nothing sobers you up like talking to the police. I blacked out as I had a habit of doing so back in the day and woke up the next morning to my phone gone. After scrambling around, and being “that person” I managed to wake someone up to use their phone to call into work- LIKE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT- to let them know my car was wrecked and my phone was missing so I wouldn’t be able to make it in. They fired me a few days later.

Every day on my drive to work I would pass the only strip club in the small college town, Night Moves. Every day I said to myself, “You know, I could do that -if I ever needed, not that I would ever need it. I could quit making sandwiches for minimum wage and probably make more money if I worked there… I could do it.” Mind you, all my other jobs had been “normal” at this point -fast food, dollar store, pizza joint, babysitter, camp counselor. When I decided to pull the trigger, I said, “Fuck it. Just try it, Anna. If you don’t like ANYTHING about ANYTHING you just turn around and walk out. This isn’t going on your resume; you can just LEAVE and never look back.” I sat in that empty strip club parking lot for at least 45 minutes before I mustered up the courage to head inside. It was just one manager dude there and I basically gave a private show for my first ever audition. I didn’t know any better at the time. I can remember it so vividly when he asked, “What song do you want?” I panicked because I hadn’t thought of that! I ended up replying “Mercy by Kanye West”. That song is over 5 minutes long! A bit long for someone who had never been on stage before. I couldn’t tell you what I did, but I KNOW I did not have the skills or grace that I have acquired over the years. I got contracted (obvi), and I became Nicki on the weekends and some weekdays. Yes, I insisted it be spelled that way, way back when.

The first few weeks, well months are a blur. Even though I had gone in and danced a single time, I had in no way conquered stage fright. At the time I was not fit. I had gained the Freshman 15 due to my partying and eating habits. I was “recovered” from eating disorders and had rampant self-esteem issues. I felt I wouldn’t be capable of being naked, vulnerable, and pretend to be confident without alcohol. I am happy to say this changed over the years.

That first- let’s call it rustic- strip club holds so many fond memories for me. That is where I fell in love for the first time. I fell in love with pole, yes, but even more so with these powerful women that could transport the watcher into another dimension with her movements, her strength, her eyes. Most of my time when I first began at the club was spent in awe- observing every kick, flip, and hair twirl the other women were doing. I could’ve made so much more than “New Girl” money if I wasn’t so intrigued. Nonetheless, I was hooked and there was no turning back. Stripping gave me the power to own my sexuality for the first time in my life.

Maybe something snapped in me when I was fired for the first time- I always tried to do the “right thing at the right job”. Maybe I spoke it into existence. Either way it was my destiny to find pole. My fate to dance this path. I would not be me without it. A part of my soul would be missing. Follow your passions, no matter what they may be. I knew I loved to dance from a young age. Besides a class when I was 5, I had no training. I was kicked out of the 7th grade dance troupe -THAT I FORMED- for not being able to dance. Now I am grateful to say I have won a few awards for pole dancing, I have danced on stage with THE Snoop Dogg, and I was an X Pole TV instructor. Follow your intuition, it will lead you to your passions. And your passions? They will lead you to your happiest of places. Join me, my love.

XOX Anna Nikki

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  1. I just read this and as soon as I heard night moves in college I was like HOLY SHIT I went there a bunch. Pretty sure you are talking about IU, I lived right by the adult book store on Walnut. I am so happy you gained your confidence and sexuality there. That place gives me so many memories!

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