About Anna

Born and raised outside of St. Louis, Missouri, Anna Nikki wants to spread the message that strong is beautiful and the human body is an amazing vessel to be celebrated and worshipped, not judged and picked apart. Following a knee surgery, Anna Nikki’s interest sparked in the capabilities and resilience of the human body. Anna Nikki began stripping in 2012 and became fascinated by the talented beautiful woman she would see doing amazing things on the pole. Anna Nikki has added burlesque to her repertoire, following her love of seduction. She has performed on stage with Snoop Dogg at the Fillmore in Denver and at Church Nightclub.
Soon after finding pole dance, Anna was introduced to weightlifting. Between weights and pole she learned to love her body for what it could do, not how it looked. Anna was a self taught pole dancer for around 4 years before stepping foot into a pole studio in Denver, Colorado- where she later moved. It was here she learned to more technical training the beautiful art form pole dancing. After training for 2 years Anna Nikki wanted to push herself and started competing. In 2018 Anna Nikki started to branch out and began using her talents to model where her background in personal training, movement, and dance helps her to achieve incredible images. Anna Nikki is known for the presence felt in the room when she is in her element!

“My parents swear I’m not named after Anna Nicole Smith, but I like to think I am!”

  • Aspirant 2017 – Thematic Continuity Award
  • NWPC 2018
  • USA Nationals 2018
  • Mountain Championships 2018 – 3rd Exotic, L4
  • ABurlyQ 2019
  • Aerialympics Nationals 2019 – 3rd Exotic, All Star

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